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wisdom, stories, and resources for {emerging} families.


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Are you a parent or a business owner who offers services that support parents in the Portland community?


PDX Birth is looking to feature stories that shine a light on all the many experiences of parenthood and the village of people who have committed their lives to supporting parents on their unique journeys.

Stories have the power to change lives by validating and normalizing the beauty and challenges of emerging parents. PDX Birth is looking for pieces that speak truth, essays that reveal the common threads that bind us all, articles that insightfully address frequently asked questions, and resources to help families build a supportive village.

Winter Submission Due Date: January 10th!

Do not worry if you do not consider yourself a writer! PDX Birth provides copy editors who will work with you, if needed, to get your submission ready for publication.

If you are a provider and would like a copy of PDX Birth for your clients to enjoy in your office, please contact us at info@pdxbirth.com (while supplies last).