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Observing the Fourth Trimester


This was EVERYTHING I needed. As a mother of 5 with another surprise baby I’m the way I’m starting all over. My youngest is 5, my oldest is 17. I work a full-time job while building a business also. I was just telling my BFF that I was going to have to shut down business until after the baby because the long hours standing on my feet was killing me and I couldn’t move as quickly. She agreed that it wasn’t a bad idea but then I began to feel guilty and I hadn’t even stopped yet. My business is finally picking up momentum and I don’t want to lose that but I also don’t want to be burnt out before or after the baby. Not to mention the money I’d be losing by shutting down temporarily. This article was just like an answered prayer for me. Thank you for sharing. I want to enjoy the remainder of my pregnancy and the baby moon after.-

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