Virtual Doula Services

On the journey into parenthood, you will face both miraculous and unexpected moments. The influx of new information at every turn can seem overwhelming. Virtual doula services alleviate this stress and provide an alternative to seeking out separate professionals for prenatal education, chest/breastfeeding support, and postpartum care. You will have the comfort of knowing that you have one expert you can rely on for unbiased support and reassurance throughout pregnancy and into the weeks after the birth of your baby.

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Doula Services: Throughout Your Pregnancy

From the moment you hire me as your Virtual Doula, whether you are 6 or 36 weeks, I will be available for you 24/7 via phone, email, or text to answer your pregnancy related questions and put your mind at ease.

We will work together during three virtual prenatal visits to tap into your intuition, strengthen tools for communication and comfort, and prepare you mentally and physically for the journey ahead. I understand that most birthing people trust that their care providers have their best intentions at heart. However, it is common to feel a bit lost and vulnerable as you are presented with a multitude of decisions and sensations that are unfamiliar to you. Our time together will be customized to address those areas that are of most interest to you, and may include:

  • Reviewing evidence-based information about possible medical interventions
  • Guidance through exercises and movements to bring balance to your body and encourage your baby to move into a good position for birth
  • Discussing how to strengthen your communication as a couple and make sure both partner’s needs are met
  • Learning how to utilize acupressure for comfort and to encourage labor progression
  • Discovering ways to incorporate aromatherapy and music therapy techniques to bring comfort
  • Learning what to expect during the first days of infant feeding and how the partner can best support the breastfeeding parent
  • Creating a plan for rest, healing, and nourishment during the postpartum time

By the time your due date approaches, you will feel empowered with knowledge and more prepared to welcome your baby with loving confidence.

Doula Services: In Labor

During labor, I remain available by phone, video chat, or text to answer questions, remind you of previously practiced comfort techniques that may be helpful at each stage of labor, and provide you with a source of continuous grounding energy in the room.

I encourage self advocacy and place the power to make informed decisions in the hands of you and your partner while continuing to offer unbiased information for any interventions that may arise so that you feel seen and heard, and can make decisions with confidence.

Doula Services and Feeding Support: After the Birth

As you settle into life with your sweet baby, I will continue to be available via phone, text, and email to answer all your recovery and newborn questions for 6 weeks. Additionally, I will provide 2 virtual OR in-person postpartum check-ins to help ease your transition into parenthood in whatever way is most helpful you. I may be a source of reassurance as you settle into the first night with your baby, answer your questions about recovery and newborn care, or help connect you to other resources to nurture your family during your fourth trimester.

During this time, I also provide breastfeeding and/or bottle feeding support. As a lactation counselor with additional training in the use of herbs, I can guide you on positioning and proper latch, teach you how tell if you baby is getting enough milk, and provide evidence based information on herbs that support general recovery and milk supply.

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We are so grateful for Jen’s support during the life-changing event of our son’s birth. Choosing her as our doula was the best decision we could’ve made.


Classes and Community

I am proud to be a member of Brave Birth Doula Care, a Portland doula collective. As my doula client, you will have access to prenatal classes, online support groups, and the reassurance that comes with knowing you have a team of professional doulas, educators, and lactation specialists supporting you each step of the way.

This is your journey, but you were never meant to do it alone.

Though every family’s journey is unique, each one is worthy of professional, compassionate support to help them not just survive, but thrive as new parents.

The Virtual Doula Services Package is all about YOU and includes everything you need to have the best possible experience throughout pregnancy and into postpartum:

  • a complimentary virtual consult
  • three prenatal sessions
  • phone/text/email support from time of hire to 6 weeks after birth
  • 2 postpartum check-ins
  • expert newborn feeding support
  • complimentary attendance at Brave Birth Doula Care’s virtual Pregnancy and Parent Groups

All of this is only secondary to the experienced care and grounding presence I bring to guiding and encouraging you every step of the way.

The Virtual Doula Services Package is $1200

Payment plans are available. Please ask for details. Sliding scale discounts can be arranged for marginalized populations at risk of adverse outcomes due to discrimination, including but not limited to Black and Indigenous birthing people and members of the LGBTQ+ community. 5% of all doula fees go to organizations supporting these populations.

Reach out today, as space is limited to 3 due dates per month!