Birth Photography and Support Services

On the journey into parenthood, you will face both miraculous and unexpected moments. The influx of new information at every turn can seem overwhelming! With a birth photographer who is also a birth support specialist by your side, you have the comfort of knowing that not only will your birth be lovingly documented, you will also have one expert you can always rely on for unbiased support and reassurance.

While capturing the moment of birth is certainly a part of what I do as a birth photographer, so much of what I do happens before and after that pinnacle time. I provide families with informational, physical, and emotional support each step of the way.

Throughout your pregnancy.

From the moment of hire, whether it is week six or 36, I will be available for you 24/7 via phone, email, or text to answer your pregnancy related questions and put your mind at ease.

We will meet at least twice during your pregnancy to discover your birth preferences, practice movements to encourage optimal fetal positioning, and plan for your transition into the postpartum period. Part of my work with you during this precious time involves helping you identify ways to naturally raise your oxytocin levels and savor the last weeks of pregnancy. This is the perfect time for a Pregnancy Session, either at your home or at a favorite outdoor location. I help you reveal the essence of this time in your life by carving out a space for you to simply be together with your growing baby. In this space, I see and capture raw emotion and authentic connection to preserve the feeling of this moment in time.

By the time your due date approaches, you will feel empowered with knowledge and prepared to welcome your baby with loving confidence.

In labor.

Starting at 37 weeks gestation I will be prepared to come to your place of birth within an hour of receiving your call. I can come to be with you in labor when you feel like my presence would be reassuring to you and your partner, even if that means coming to your home before you make the decision to go to your place of birth. In the very unlikely event that I am at another birth, I will send a trusted backup birth photographer to support you until I am able to get there.

During labor, I move fluidly from an emotional and physical support role to birth photographer. I foster a safe, respectful space for you and your partner to work together and offer unbiased information for any interventions that may arise so that you can make decisions with confidence. I support both you and your partner to have the best possible experience, while artistically documenting emotions and moments of connection that comprise your Birth Story.

She melted into the background, letting us naturally be in the moment, enjoying the birth of our daughter but still managed to capture the most amazing moments on camera that we never would have seen. Her photography froze in time the most precious moments of our lives, moments that we now get to relive again and again.


At the moment of birth.

As you meet your baby for the first time, I capture all the big and little details of the moment: your and your partner’s reactions, first eye contact with baby, first feeding, weighing and measurements, and all those sweet wrinkly baby parts. You and your partner get enjoy this time together, knowing that not a detail will be missed!

If you are introducing your family to baby soon after birth, I am there to capture their reactions. As a Lactation Consultant, I’m also happy to utilize my extensive experience working with new families to provide in person support with the first feedings.

During my labor she was so quiet and respectful of our space. However, as things intensified at the end, knowing she had been a labor nurse, and she had also experienced unmedicated births, her presence was comforting.


In the days that follow.

As you settle into life with your sweet baby, I will continue to be available via phone, text, and email to answer all your recovery and newborn questions for six weeks.

Additionally, I will see you at least twice at your home to help ease your transition into parenthood in whatever way is most helpful you you. I may support you through your first night at home with your baby, assist with breastfeeding, do a load of laundry and prepare a nutritious meal, or help connect you to other resources to nurture your family during your fourth trimester.

Within the first few weeks, I can also photograph your newborn and family with a Newborn Session in the comfort of your home to preserve the fleeting moments of those first weeks.

Jen brought a wealth of knowledge to help me find success in breastfeeding. Jen took the time to answer all of my questions, provided socially distant house calls, and got me thought a rocky first couple of weeks. She saved us trips to the clinic and brought resources and support to our doorstep.


Your Unique Story, Artfully Rendered

The images I capture along your journey convey emotion and the connection of your family in a very sacred and intense time. I consider it an honor to support you and will forever be thankful for walking beside you on your journey. At the end of our time together, I will present you with a custom-designed, heirloom quality album containing all your favorite maternity, birth, and newborn memories to help you revisit and retell your story for years to come.

Classes and Community

I am proud to be a member of Brave Birth Doula Care, a Portland birth and postpartum support collective. As my client, you will receive perks such as reduced rates on (virtual) Brave Birth childbirth and infant feeding classes, complimentary attendance at New Parent Group, and the reassurance that comes with knowing you have a team of professionals supporting you every step of the way. New Parent Group has always provided a safe and welcoming place to share the joys and struggles of new parenthood and connect with other parents, but has been more appreciated than ever during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Birth Photography and Support Investment

In an effort to make birth photography and support as attainable as possible, I offer extended payment plans for my services. A $600 deposit is required at booking, with the remaining balance split into monthly payments up to 37 weeks gestation.

Insurance does not typically cover birth support services, but some families have success getting a prescription for prenatal education and birth support from their OB or midwife and then going on to pay for services using their HSA or Flex spending account. If you plan to utilize these funds, please let me know so I can provide you with the appropriate documentation of services.

Birth Photography

- One prenatal checkin
- On call availability from 38 weeks
- Birth photography from active labor to 1 hour after birth
- All edited digital images (100+) with print release
- Free weekly New Parent Group


Birth Photography and Support

- Two prenatal visits
- Unlimited, 24/7 phone/text/email support
- Brave Birth Doula Care class discounts
- On call availability from 38 weeks
- Continuous labor support
- Birth photo documentation, all edited digital images (100+) with print release
-Two postpartum visits with infant feeding support

-Free weekly New Parent Group


Birth Photography and Support PLUS

Includes everything in the Birth Photography and Support package


- a pregnancy photo session, 15 digital images with print release
- a newborn photo session, 15 digital images with a print release

- a custom keepsake album with all your favorite images from your pregnancy, birth, and newborn sessions.

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Hospital birthers MUST choose Birth Photography and Support (no Birth Photography only). Space is limited to 2 due dates per month so that I can best serve each family.