Currently only accepting new clients living on the Windward side of O'ahu

As a lactation consultant...

I provide in-home education and support both before and after the arrival your baby. No need to pack up your precious bundle to travel to an office! I will come to you with all needed assessment tools, including a hospital grade scale and pump flange sizing kit, and help you feed your baby in the comfort of your own home.

Does your insurance plan cover in-home lactation visits?

I am able to provide fully covered visits for certain insurance plan holders through Lactation Network. If you have HMSA PPO (includes HMSA Federal), Cigna, or MultiPlan (includes some Aetna, United Healthcare, and BCBS plans), please use the button below to connect with Lactation Network and verify your insurance coverage before scheduling your consultation.

For all other insurances (including Tricare), you will be billed out-of-pocket fees (see below). Then, I can provide you with a superbill after payment is received to make reimbursement as simple as possible, but it’s up to your individual insurance to decide how much they are willing to reimburse.

Services and Fees

Each visit includes a follow-up via email within 48 hours of the visit. Beyond that time, questions that can be answered in an email or text are provided at no additional cost. If the question is more involved, or new issues arise, I will often recommend a follow up visit to more fully assess what’s going on.

Initial Consultation


Initial consultations, usually about 90 minutes in length, include a health history of both you and your baby, pre and post-feed weight to see how much your baby is taking in, assessment of how your baby feeds at the breast, as well as a gentle examination of you and your baby as needed. We can utilize my flange sizing kit to help you determine the correct flange size to optimize your comfort and pump output.

At the end of our consultation, I will create a written care plan that is feasible for you and your family.


Follow-up Consultation


While some breastfeeding challenges may be addressed in only one initial visit, most challenges require additional appointments and care plan adjustments. Follow up visits are generally 1 hour in length, during which time we will do a weighted feed, assess your progress, and make adjustments to your care plan as needed.




Telehealth visits, usually about 60 minutes in length, include a thorough health history of both you and your baby and virtual observation and assessment of how your baby feeds at the breast/chest or bottle.

At the end of our consultation, I will create a written care plan that is feasible for you and your family.

Telehealth visits are helpful to get a plan in place for urgent cases until we are able to meet in-person or follow-up on questions that do not require hands on assessment.


Bottle Feeding Consult


Bottle consults are for babies who are having challenges taking a bottle of breastmilk or formula. I can help with 'refusal', gagging, poor seal on the bottle nipple (with leakage), fussiness during feeding, and other bottle-related issues.

I will check your baby for oral issues that may cause bottle feeding problems, we will work on bottle feeding, and I will teach you oral exercises to optimize the skills needed to bottle feed. We may try a new bottle and nipple (or two or three) that takes into consideration your baby's anatomy and specific challenges. Afterward, I will send you a written plan and provide 2 weeks of text/email follow-up.


Travel Fees (from Kailua)

0-15 miles = Included in Consult Fee
15-20 miles = $15
20-25 miles = $20
25-30 miles = $25
30+ miles = $30

All fees subject to Hawaii GE Tax (4.712%)